№ - Q-flow 6+M

MERILUX, Medicine, Operating and Examination Lamps
MERILUX, Medicine, Operating and Examination Lamps
MERILUX, Medicine, Operating and Examination Lamps

Merivaara Q-Flow™ surgical light improves the working environment in operating rooms as well as offers a new way to reduce the risk of infections.

Q-Flow™ is the intelligent solution for any operating theatre. The design is optimised for the operating room air flow, because it decreases the air flow circulation in the operating area, thus reducing the potential for contamination. The standard turbulence intensity should be below 37.5 % but the Q-Flow boasts 15.9 % according to the DIN 1946-4:2008 standard.

In addition, the Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) of Q-Flow™ automatically adapts to the shadows in the light field. Furthermore, Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™) makes surgical operations safer and the OR environment more ergonomic for surgeons. The user interface design is simplicity itself – anyone can use it.

The light gives superb colour rendering (Ra 98), particularly in red and skin shades, which make the product perfect for a variety of surgeries such as internal or plastic surgery. R9 and R13 values are the best in their classes (R9 99, R13 99).

As well as all the superb features mentioned, Q-Flow™ has excellent illumination properties, providing a deep column of light – not forgetting green ambilite, delivering consistent light for seeing images and reading monitors.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, Q-Flow™ is the light of choice for any surgical team.

Q-Flow™ has already been rewarded in two prestigious design competitions: Red Dot and Fennia Prize Grand Prix.



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