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Verona, Beauty Industry,
Verona, Beauty Industry,
Verona, Beauty Industry,
Verona, Beauty Industry,
The Verona is a highly-advanced multifunctional Spa table that combines the strength and elegance of the design with the exceptional comfort of the mattress with horseshoe headrest. Thanks to its fully electric adjustment of height, backrest, legrest and trendelenburg, the Verona treatment table is DUAL USE: it can be used as a chair or as a bed, ideal for a wide range of Spa treatments, including facial&body and massages.
Verona Evo is equipped with a completely electrically adjustable back and legs. This allows the massage table to move from the “bed” position to the “armchair” position: for a DOUBLE USE. All this allows you to maximize the use of the treatment cabin, with only one equipment being able to develop facial and body treatments, even energetic massages and pedicure treatments.
Verona Evo is equipped with a totally electric height and tilt adjustment system, with the possibility of tilting up to a maximum of 10 °. The inclination has been carefully studied to guarantee a position of perfect comfort for the customer. The tilting movement allows complete relaxation and lengthening of the vertebral area, reducing muscle pressure and increasing the lengthening of the spine.
The Verona massage table has a fully adjustable American headrest. The foam of the headrest has been specially designed for maximum customer comfort and maximum relaxation in the prone position. The head is removable and manually tiltable.

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