Stop COVID 19
In the times of COVID 19 we continue to keep good stock quantities of flowmeters and humidifiers, pressure regulators , vacuum regulators, resuscitators, suction jars, oxygen cylinders, pulseoxymeters and other products.  Feel free to contact us by e-mail:,  or order tthrough our web site.  We export to all countries in EU.  [...] see more
New, Smarter Practico operating table
The versatile operating table Practico has been designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. It is powered by smart controls that help you work more flue [...] see more
First  Q-Flow ™ installation in Bulgaria
The Q-flow operating light has already been installed in the new Vita Hospital. Not only aesthetic design is what makes the new Q-flow preferable product, but also the provision of infections control, better working environment , highest technical characteristics. The illumination renders red and skin colours better and gives almost perfect rendering in [...] see more
GK Engineering is now exlusive distribitor of Lemi Group for Bulgaria
От началото на 2017 г.  Джи Кей Инженеринг Груп вече е ексклузивен дистрибутор за България на  италианската компания Lemi Group.  Lemi е наложена марка италиански продукти за медицината и СПА индустрията, синоним на високо качество и красив дизайн. [...] see more
New Office in Sofia
We are glad to inform you that our new office in Sofia is open now.  Our new address is 24 Dimitar Mollov Str.,  Sofia, Bulgaria. Working time: 9.00 -18.00 h  [...] see more
Aemotio SPA
Aemotio SPA е СПА кабина съчетаваща множество функции, с които да постигнете комплексна терапия за разкрасяване и релакс на Вашите клиенти.    Регулирането по височина е уникална функция, създаваща удобство както за клиента, така и за терапевта. Свалете височината [...] see more
St. Marina Hospital - system integration in operating theatres
GK Engineering Group. Ltd. in cooperation with Merivaara Corp. implemented the largest project for integrated operating theatres in Bulgaria - Hospital St. Marina - Pleven. The new hospital St. Marina in Pleven is named to be the highest technology hospital in Bulgaira. It was designed to satisfy the highest requirements for a healthcare facility according to the international standards. The main focus is in providing comfort and safety to the patient in the recovery process through the ca [...] see more
Bulmedica Exhibition 2015
We take the opportunity to say thank you to all who visited our booth. It was a pleasure to us to demosntrate to you our products and reply to your questions. We reamin at your disposal for any further information or a meeting.  We are grateful to our partners from Merivaara Corp., LM Medical Division and Hersill  who supported us on site and helped us fulfill the highest requirements of our clients.  [...] see more
Bulmedica 2015
We are pleased to invite you to visit our booth at the 49-th edition of the exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental which will be held from 13-15.05.2015. The company GK Engineering Group Ltd., together with its partners from Merivaara Corp.- Finland, LM Medical Division- Italy and Hersill-Spain will present the most innovative solutions for development of operating theaters and intensive care wards. We will demonstrate the revolutionary concept for integrated operating theaters Open OR - Integ [...] see more