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New, Smarter Practico operating table
The versatile operating table Practico has been designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. It is powered by smart controls that help you work more flue [...] see more
First  Q-Flow ™ installation in Bulgaria
The Q-flow operating light has already been installed in the new Vita Hospital. Not only aesthetic design is what makes the new Q-flow preferable product, but also the provision of infections control, better working environment , highest technical characteristics. The illumination renders red and skin colours better and gives almost perfect rendering in [...] see more

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, , Curing light LED Xpress, 3 seconds -3500 MW, cordless

Curing light LED Xpress, 3 seconds -3500 MW, cordless

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, , Dentamed Move

Dentamed Move

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, , Afia 4062

Afia 4062

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