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Last news

Dears,   We are glad to announce the upgraded version of Gyno Plus chair. The ANATOMIC MATTRESS WITH HOLE OF GYNO PLUS has been specifically  designed to meet ergonomic needs during gynaecology and urology sessions. The wide seat hole in the front area has a rounded shape, so that  the doctor can easily operate.   The chair is supplied with large removable stainless steel basin 27 x 33 x 5 h cm. [...] see more
Merivaara Summer Promotion
Here is the long-waited Merivaara Summer Campaign 2021 valid until 1.09.2021.  Now you can get award winning products - surgical lamps and tables with up to 50% discount from the official pricelist.  Please contact us at +359879906217 and sales@gke.bg to get your offer.  Products in focus:  - Practico Smart surgical table - [...] see more
Stop COVID 19
In the times of COVID 19 we continue to keep good stock quantities of flowmeters and humidifiers, pressure regulators , vacuum regulators, resuscitators, suction jars, oxygen cylinders, pulseoxymeters and other products.  Feel free to contact us by e-mail: gkengineeringltd@gmail.com, info@gke.bg  or order tthrough our web site.  We export to all countries in EU.  [...] see more
New, Smarter Practico operating table
The versatile operating table Practico has been designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. It is powered by smart controls that help you work more flue [...] see more

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