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Black month 2022
Скъпи клиенти,  И тази година целият ноември ще е изпълнен с отстъпки.  Ето някои от продуктите за които ще можете да се възползвате от промоционални цени до края на месеца: [...] see more
How to choose a beauty bed
Whatever the beauty center or spa is, the beauty bed is certainly the most important tool for two reasons:   it is where customers will lie down and is supposed to ensure maximum comfort it is essential for being successful in performing the most popular treatments such as waxing, depilation, manicure, pedicure. The better the quality of the table, the more successful the therapies. That’s why it’s fundamental t [...] see more
LEMI presents AMALFI
Lemi presented Amalfi- a new multifunctional solution designed as the union of the massage table and the pedicure station, Amalfi is a complete work tool, equipped with 3 electric motors for height, backrest and leg adjustment. The horseshoe-shaped ma [...] see more
Dears,   We are glad to announce the upgraded version of Gyno Plus chair. The ANATOMIC MATTRESS WITH HOLE OF GYNO PLUS has been specifically  designed to meet ergonomic needs during gynaecology and urology sessions. The wide seat hole in the front area has a rounded shape, so that  the doctor can easily operate.   The chair is supplied with large removable stainless steel basin 27 x 33 x 5 h cm. [...] see more

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